Media Representations of the Music Industry

Many sociologists believe that media representations of ethnic minority groups are problematic because they contribute to the reinforcement of negative racist stereotypes.
Evidence suggests that, despite some progress, ethnic minorities are generally under-represented or are represented in stereotyped and negative ways across a range of media content. In particular, newspapers and television news have a tendency to present ethnic minorities as a problem or to associate Black people with physical rather than intellectual activities and to neglect, and even ignore, racism and the inequalities that result from it.

Not only are representations of homosexuals inaccurate, harmful, and disingenuous; the same demeaning labels and stereotypes are also repeatedly placed upon ethnic minorities; in particular – Arabic or Muslim people, African Americans, Mexicans, etc. How can we, as a nation, progress forward in our aims to create a diverse multicultural society when these harmful representations exist? Why do we associate African Americans with rap music, theft, or murder? Why do we associate Arabic people with terrorism? Why do we associate all South Americans with illegal immigration, tacos, and drugs? These prejudices exist only because the media burns these images and preconceptions into our minds. Featured in an episode of CSI, entitled “Fannysmackin”, a mob of teenagers dress up in Halloween costumes, and then assault random tourists. When the CSI crew investigates the case, one white cop drives around the scene to look for evidence when he sees the gang beating up a young, white boy. As he approaches in his vehicle, the crowd disperses however one black member stands his ground and is subsequently hit by the car. The white boy saved by the cop lives; however the black boy hit by the car dies. Many areas of the media create stereotypes of ethnic minorities whose norms and values differ from their own. In addition to the threat of violence, ethnic minorities are...