Taliban Rules

Rule number 2- No one can watch movies, television or videos
Pretty shocking to think how many kids in America watch television and watch music videos and to know that this rule 'No one can watch movies, television or videos' is subject to people in Afghanistan. Observing the homes in this movie the conditions of the homes were very poor and no television sets did I see. After the movie was over and then watching the extras hearing the producer of the movie speak was pretty deep to know that the things that occured in this movie are real life! One of the reasons he made this movie was for the people in Afghanistan because of the fact that they never watched a movie. He says that when this movie was in therters and they watched it they were dancing in front of the film. He also says that he made this film with a non-professional so that the feel of this movie was as real with reactions of people that have even gone through these many bumps in the road living in Afghanistan.

Rule number 9- Females found guilty of adultery will be publicaly stonded to death.
In the movie Osama, I still can not think of living a day in that life; which makes me so thankful to live the life I have. This rule "Females found guilty of adultery will be publicaly stoned to death" clearly happened in this movie. In the movie the young girl Osama played as a boy to supply for her family. Going to school with all of the other young boys to learn about military and how to fight was not familar to her. Not only that, but even working since the women were not aloud to work and had to stay inside and clean. She was now a working young boy. But in this case, for this young girl and her mother putting her through this after getting caught for playing as a boy her mother is then buried with her head sticking out and have stones thrown at her. The word adultery, may mean cheating on a spouse but to deceive in life is just as bad. Having this young girl, or let alone any child see someone...