The Fight in Afghanistan, the Fight for Humanity

Nick Hage

Mrs. Bowmer 7th


The Fight in Afghanistan, the Fight for Humanity

9-11 was one of the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history, but it was much more than that. It was because of this act of aggression against America that instigated the war in Afghanistan. It was because of this that the Taliban no longer govern the country. It was because of this that we’re still their today fighting against those who want us dead. 9-11 was only the beginning. Those terrorists are still their today and they still strike at us, it is for this reason that we should stay there. Even though some people believe it is a waste of money and lives, we should stay in Afghanistan until they can sufficiently defend themselves because we should save every life we can and dangerous terrorists hide there.

Afghanistan is a land of hostility and animosity, it always has been. It is because of this aggressive history that allowed a terrorist network to flourish. It is not however the government of Afghanistan that is responsible for the despicable acts, but rather for giving sanctuary to those who committed them. When they refused to surrender the terrorist organization we entered Afghanistan looking for them, the Taliban was not pleased. They fought us and we fought back, and in the end the Taliban’s ruthless regime was ended. That was nine years, today they fight us in a guerilla campaign waiting until they can again take control. While Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, had been accused of corruption and was quite unpopular, the progress Afghanistan has made is quite impressive and the national army has proven themselves in combat.

The Taliban’s regime was ruthless and they are well known for enforcing ludicrous laws especially those involving women. Women during Taliban rule were not allowed to attend school, they were not allowed to be outside without a male member of the family, they were forced to wear a full body dress at all times they weren’t...