Acid rain
Although humans do not feel the affects of acid rain straight away the environment around them does. Acid rain is caused by gases released in to the atmosphere like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrogen chloride when these gases are mixed with water droplets they create types of acids such as sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid. The gases are created two ways the main way that is related to construction is the burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas in the equipment we use on site and the other way has nothing to do with construction but an environmental one when volcanic activity releases hot magma up in to the atmosphere. The country that creates the pollution may not see the affects of what is happening because the gases that are released may blow over two other countries before they mix with water droplets, Then them countries feel the full effects of acid rain even they have not caused the pollution. There is two forms of acid pollution wet acid rain which falls as rain, fog and snow or there is dry acid rain which falls as dust or smoke and coats the surroundings until it meets with surface water creating acid waste . The effect of acid rain can be devastating to the environment it concentrates in thin soils causing the growth of trees and plant to slow and causing death eventually   it also affects lakes and rivers killing fish and other aquatic life. It also damages the urban environment where it reacts with different types of stone removing and destroying the surface over time.
Greenhouse gases and global warming
Greenhouse gases like CO2 are created through the construction industry from the manufacturing, transportation installing, maintaining and disposing of the materials used in the construction process as a result of this we released close to 50 million tonnes due to this process but the main creation of the CO2 emitted from construction comes from burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas in the making of materials used in the...