What is surrogacy and the different types of surrogacy

Commercial Altruistic Gestational
Reasons for surrogacy
- medical reasons- not to pass on genetic diseases onto the child
- health problems- heart, weak uterus
- infertility
- to maintain their figure- as in the case of celebrities- Nicole Kidman

legal and moral issues related to surrogacy
moral issue- it is seen as immoral- if one man impregnates some other woman other than his wife

legal issues
- Is surrogacy legal in NSW?
- Different states have different laws in regards to surrogacy
- Altruistic surrogacy legal in NSW
- Who is the legal mother of the child? –the one who gave birth or the commissioning couple/mother
- Who is the legal father of the child?
- What happens if the surrogate changes her mind and refuses to hand over the baby?
- If the child is given to the commissioning couple, then later the surrogate wants the child back?
- Who will the court rule in favour of –surrogate or the commissioning couple?
- What if the child is born with a disability- who is responsible for it?
- People going overseas for commercial surrogacy
- And any other related issues

Discuss issues, cases and legislations in place to provide protection

Other Birth technologies
Types of birth technologies are:
- Artificial insemination
- Use of donor sperms and eggs etc

- Infertility
- Medical reasons- genetic
- Age – after menopause
- Gender selection
- Designer babies

Legal issues
- Who is the father/
- Who is the mother?
- Does the child have a right to know who its biological parents are?
- Does the child have a right to sue if the technology of IVF or freezing of embryos results in damage to the child?
- Can and should anyone be held responsible for damage to the child caused by these procedures?

Moral issues
- Is it playing god?
- Is it possible that interfering with nature could have a detrimental effect on the child?
- Is bonding between...