Suppoting Teaching and Learning in School

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
Level 3 Unit 10 – Engage and personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s setting.
      1.1 Describe your main duties and responsibilities in school. Please provide a job description to support this.

My roles and responsibilities are:
• To supervise children inside and out.
• To plan and prepare resources for activities to support all areas of development
• To support the class teachers and nursery nurse
• To support and develop children in all areas of their development
• To be flexible in my work role allowing myself to be placed in another role should it be required
• To liaise with parents/carers
• To work effectively with other agencies
• To enforce class rules and expected behaviours ( age and stage appropriate)
• To ensure I am up to date with all policies and procedures
• To ensure I am up to date with all policies and procedures such as safeguarding, health and safety , the welfare requirements, manual handling, etc
• To ensure that activities support all areas of development as stated in the eyfs
• To ensure that the Childs welfare is main priority

      1.2 Complete the table explaining how you:

Support teaching and learning
The way you support and help learning is very important to me and for the children as they need to find ways that they can absorb the information they are being taught. It is essential to always -
. The use of clear language
. Good teacher subject knowledge delivered in simplified chunks
. An awareness of what your students already know
. The use of memorable examples
. Ongoing questioning to check understanding
. Actively engaging all your students.
Children process information in different ways it is the teachers and teaching assistant’s job to find out what the children already know and use the correct vocabulary to use to the different children as they are all different and learn in different ways. Also it’s important...