Cache Level 2, Unit 1, Teaching and Learning in Schools

Ball games
This activity is played in P.E. and during break-time on the playground,
When a child is asked to kick a ball as well as throw and catch a ball they are developing their Gross motor skills, by using movement, balance and co-ordination. In turn this supports physical development.
Making masks
I took some pre-made card masks into school with a variety of materials for them to glue onto the mask, they had coloured tissue paper, wool, pipe cleaners and coloured and shiny card that I had cut into different shapes and sizes, they were given a glue stick and shown how to use it and they stuck bits of things all over it. They had fun making the masks, this activity helped develop their Fine motor skills and therefore supports their physical development.  
“GROSS MOTOR SKILLS starts with young babies controlling head movement and then moving down the body,
Gross motor development includes using the whole body movement co-ordination and balance.
FINE MOTOR SKILLS the development of a child’s fine motor skills begin within the centre of their bodies and moves out,
Through the appropriate development children will eventually be able to undertake fine and intricate movements,
Fine motor skills include using finger movements and hand-eye co-ordination.” Page Number?

Pound Linda
Page 111
The exersize oppertunities offered to many children, particully those in reception classes ,fall far short of this, The short period for P.E. lesson, which is only 2 or 3 times a week cannot cater for this distinct range of needs, A policy in Early Years settings that allows children to choose weather to be inside or out which does not demand long periods of vigorous activity at times when children do not feel ready for it, or require when their bodies are demanding action is better suited to their physiological needs.    

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