Supporting Primary Teaching


My TMA will explain the importance of inclusion and how schools are obliged to carry out inclusive practice. All children have the right to be educated in main stream school.
For this assignment I will be writing about a child from my year 4 class, Steven a 9 year old boy he has no form of special needs but needs support in class as he has attended a number of schools and now has moved to his current school. The class teacher has explained that he is behind his peers and a lot of it has to do with his background. In book 1 supporting learning in primary schools, study topic 6 unit 4 it states that being inclusive means a school is working to ensure that all pupils who attend whatever their background, do not experience barriers to their learning.(ku1.6)
From the 1st day Steven joined the class he automatically told himself that the work that was given to him was too hard and he often would call himself stupid and say all the children especially the boys where much better then him so he would compensate by disrupting the class or zoning out and not participating in any of the activities.

Rationale for additional support

Steven has not been at the school for very long but the teacher has expressed to me his concerns due to the amount of times he has moved schools also geographically he believes that he will be behind his peers due to the areas where he went to school and culturally because the schools that he had been at had a lot more children who did not speak English or was from different backgrounds compared to his current school.
When we talk about inclusion we can base it upon many different aspects of a child and here I talk about Steven’s emotional needs and how I have seen how this can affect his ability to learn or even fit in and enjoy his time in primary school. I can totally agree with what it written in book 1 supporting learning in primary schools study topic 4 unit 1 it states that children’s personal development is very...