Supporting Childrens and Young Peoples

Supporting Childrens and Young Peoples
Health and Safety.


I believe a safe and challenging environment is a place in which the children can fully explore there surroundings an are not at risk of harm or accidents. I think that the way that the furniture in the nursery setting is laid out and placed affects the activities which the staff can undertake with the children. A quiet area for children to relax is also necessary to provide a place for the children to have time alone or with friends while still under supervision.
The room layout must be easily accessible for each child and give them the freedom to move from one activity to another and thus avoids the problem of overcrowding or accidents happening i.e.

  * Sufficient space around each table
  * Sufficient Floor play space
  * Access to toys

All children must be able to play in an environment that safe and secure but also provides a new challenge for them everyday. The indoor area must remain secure at all times in order to keep all the children safe and accounted for, any unauthorized adults must not be able to access the nursery setting, all doors and fire exits must at all time remain clear and in no way obstructed.
The nursery staff are all responsible for the safety of the children and must have full visibilty of   the children so therefore anything dangerous ie ladders or chairs must be put away and safely stored out of sight. Any outdoor areas must be kept risk free and clean provide the children with space to explore and undertake a range of safe activites in an outside environment, any barriers must be identified and clearly labelled.


In my nursery setting we provide a safe, secure and warm welcome to all children so that all children are protected and free from harm with risk assessments done regularly. I.E All possible hazards are put away.
We monitor all childrens attendance records, accident and incident book, medication records and all daily reports...