Support Practitioners to Develop Respectful and Supportive Relationships with Children

3.2   Support practitioners to develop respectful and supportive relationships with children
  We must have respect for the children in our care and then we can hope they will have respect for us.   It is crucial that the children get to know us, trust us and like us.   This is the foundation for a good relationship that we can build on.   The children’s parents have trusted us to look after their children and the message that must go home with the children is that they are happy and are becoming confident, making friends and enjoy being in our company.
At our settings we have link-up sessions before the children start with us.   This gives us the opportunity meet the parents and for them to see how we are with their children.   First impressions count, and it is up to staff to be professional, friendly and courteous.  
When the children start I would tell staff to take the time to introduce themselves to the children.   The child will have a coat peg with their name and a picture.   Staff will show them where this is, emphasising the picture so that the child can recognise their peg whether they have reading skills or not.   The picture will also be set out with their name within the setting as a place to put their fruit.   This becomes a routine with the child and help confidence building.   Staff will assess the development age of the child and speak with them in an appropriate way.   They will not force any child to speak to them in the first few days appreciating that all is new to the child and give them time to get to know the setting and staff.   There will be regular contact with parents at this stage.   Children are shown around the room and where the toilets are.   It will be explained that they can go to the toilet whenever they want and to ask for help if needed.   A child who is distressed will be comforted and the parents will be informed when they have settled.
The Person-in-Charge will ensure that staff act in a caring, sensitive and sympathetic way with...