Summary Report

On the 23rd Of March 2010, myself and my LCVP classmates participated and organised a careers night in our school. For the careers night everyone in my LCVP class had to make a PowerPoint presentation which we then talked to the guests and our parents about. The event was part of our curriculum and so it was needed to be completed. We first organised a date for the event. After finding a suitable date, we then divided ourselves into four groups.

We had three aims for this night they were, to show to our parents the work we doing in the LCVP class, to show our parents the careers that we interested in, to learn about our selected career and also my personal aim was to show my parents that I am really interested in pursuing Medicine as a career  
Group 1: (John Kearns, Thomas Conway, Chris Reid)
The four boys in this group were in charge of organising the speakers for the evening. They got the following people to speak at the evening:
Dr. Fitzpatrick-Doctor
Frank Cooney-Architect
Michael Reina-IT Support
Eugene Smart-Solicitor
Group 2:   (Brain Gregg, Shane Cross)
These were in charge of greeting people at the entrance and introducing each speaker.
Group 3: (Cormac Fitzpatrick, Ryan Caldwell)
These organised were the guests could park and they also prepared signs to guide the people into the school.
Group 4: ( Teshun, Nhan)
These were in charge of refreshment for the evening which included sandwiches, tea, coffee, etc.
Group 5: (Daniel Gregg, Dean Reina, Merveil Mavungo)
These were responsible for the seating arrangements for our parents and the guests.
Group 6: (Aaron O’Brien (Myself), Shane Donnelly, Chris O’Dwyer, Manus Murphy)
We were responsible for designing the invites and distributing them.

My PowerPoint Presentation:
When I began my Career Investigation for the presentation, I was researching the career of a doctor because I felt that becoming a Doctor would be most appealing to me because since I was a young age...