Summary of Health and Safety in a Home Based Child Care Setting

It is the role of the provider to promote the good health of all children attending a setting.   There must be a procedure in place for all children to be discussed with parents/carers regarding to children who may be ill/infectious and must explain the necessary steps to take in order to prevent the spread of infection and care of the child.

All providers must have a policy and procedure in place for administering medicine.   Information regarding a childs needs for medicine should be obtained and kept up to date. Medicine should not be administered unless it has been prescribed, for by a Doctor, nurse, Dentist or pharmacist. Even then the provider should have the permission of the childs parent/carer.

Where required staff should be trained to administer medicine should it require medical or technical knowledge.   Any medicine that has been administered must be recorded in a written record and kept safe, the parent/carer should be informed on the same day or as soon as possible.

It is the role of the provider to comply with all Health and Safety legislation. It is vital that the provider ensures that their premises are fit for purpose and suitable for the age of the children cared for and the activities that will carry out on the premises.   In particular it is important that the overall floor space and outside space is safe, suitable and clear of any risks.
The provider must have a policy and procedure in place for any emergency evacuation. Reasonable steps must be taken to ensure the safety of all children and staff in the event of any fire or emergency. It is vital that all providers have necessary fire detection and control equipment in place and working order, this can include; Fire alarms, fire blanket, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers. All fire exits should be easily identified and all fire doors should be free from obstruction and easy to open from the inside.