Discuss Steps to Take When Planning Own Home Based Chilcare Business

Unit 2/3: Business Plan and Financial and taxation requirement

3.1 Discuss steps to take when planning own home based childcare business.

On e of the important reason for wanting to become a carer is to enjoy being with and caring for children.   However if the business is to flourish there are steps the carer must follow.
The carer must be mentally and physically fit as the job requires a lot of energy to work with children.   In other for the business to run smoothly, the carer must ensure that everyone in the family are on board and that the business those not become a nuisance or annoying to the rest of the family, this can be done by making sure that there are ground rule and that everyone in the family are organised by locking away any valuable things that can be destroyed by the children.  
It is important that when a carer is applying for registration, that she prove to the local authority that her home meets the legal requirement to prove a safe and secured environment for the children she intend to care for.   It is important for the carer to do a research to get an idea of what she needs to provide and what kind of competitors she is up against.   Also the service the carer is aiming to provide must work in the area she lives in, this is because the business is unlikely to succeed if she lives in a quite area where there are on families nearby.   There are other areas a carer need to consider before she can become a home base child carer such as
Bus route   this is because not everyone drives and the business will be appealing if it can be easily accessible.
Schools, a child minder living near school can consider providing breakfast and after school club this can be done by giving mothers complimentary card or leaflets by letting them know that she is intending to open a home base child care in the area.  
Other child minders, check to see if there are other child minders in the area and then get in touch with them.  
Local authority, This is...