Summary and Personal Response

Assignment 1: Summary and Personal Response
Amanda Goss
Professor Clark
English 115
Strayer University

"Farm Girl" by Jessica Hemauer is a memoir of a young girl who shares her experience of working on the family farm. At a young age, Hemauer begins working on the farm helping her family. Early morning farm duties led her to feel left out at school as she sit and listens to other students laugh and talk about their social life. She feels that it not right that she has to get up early, while her classmates are still asleep in bed to tend to the farm. After begging and pleading with her parents, she finally was able to begin a social life that she had long for as long as she was able to keep her duties at the farm fulfill. Due to her having to prioritize chores and social life, Hemauer was able to appreciate her time management skills as it made her a very successful young lady.
“A typical ten- year old child does not have to wake up at five in the morning to do chores!” (Hemauer 2011 page 83) Hemauer spent a lot of time as a child working on her family farm. She loves to the responsibility of looking after the animals as she never had to look out for her other siblings. Unlike other children her age, Jessica feels like she is different because she wakes up to chores while other children are still in bed. With this sacrifice, Hemauer is left with feeling like the only life she has been at school.   “Not being able to participate in school activities like the other kids in my class has me feeling left out and depressed.” (Hemauer 2011 page 85) After being and pleading, Jessica parents gave her the permission to let her play on the basketball team. They soon agree to allow her to play if she agrees to keep helping with her chores on the farm. After joining the team, Hemauer feels as if she is a part of something that she’s now long for. Unfortunately she still feels like she is not like the rest of her peers. As time go on, Hemauer parents agree that...