Mental Health

The aim of this assignment is to display the authors understanding of the principles of assessment and formulation when working with a person dealing with schizophrenia and to demonstrate the knowledge supporting the authors practice.   The history of the person will be obtained, and then constructed into a care plan.

In exercising my accountability I must follow The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2008), Code of Conduct requires that I must protect the clients dignity, being confidential at all times, and only with the resident’s consent to disclose relevant information with others. For this reason in this report I will refer to the client as Sarah.

Client History
Sarah is early 30’s and has come to a rehabilitation setting where individuals have some dependency of washing their own laundry, rehabilitation cooking and learning they once had or are regaining.   Sarah has a history of grandiose delusions and currently believes she is an ‘angel’, she used recreational drugs since the age of 13 and lost touch with reality when in school. Suffering from auditory hallucinations hearing voices which she is responding to, Sarah believes these are the voices of the angels.   She was hospitalized in 2000 for a year and has lived with schizophrenia since being diagnosed at 19yrs old.   Sarah has now relapsed as she is dealing with immense fear of the future and despair over her own capabilities with removing herself from an abusive relationship, with support form both parents, She is an only child.   Sarah is also noticed weight gain and sweating, this could be from her anxieties or side effects from her medication, she has not experienced these effects before, metabolic changes associated with atypical medications increase the lifelong risk of additional morbidity and morality, especially cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes (McEnany 2007).
Current Medication
Olanzapine   20mgs .

More so, looking at Sarah’ antipsychotic medication could be a...