Lexie J. Hickman
Axia College
June 17, 2012
Nancy Isaacs

Judaism has two distinct and legitimate meanings.   One meaning of Judaism reflects on a full civilization.   The actualities, past, and present, of the Jewish people are known as this historic group.   Under this meaning the Jewish people considers the secular and sacred elements.   The second meaning reflects on the Jewish religion.   Under this meaning the Jewish religion is isolated from civilization.   This religion is not simple or homogeneous (Steinberg, 1975).   The Jewish history started back around the creation.   The religion progressed as the world progressed.   God gave commandments to the patriarchs, matriarchs, and Moses to give to the people.   The progress did not end there.   Jewish history was spread around as people were dispersed.   People came together with their teachings and traditional practices.   These were codified in the Talmud (Fisher, 2005).
I went to the Agudath Achim Synagogue and interviewed Rabbi Kalman Winnick. The Agudath Achim is the Jewish synagogue where Rabbi Kalman Winnick is the spiritual leader.   The synagogue is located at 7901 West 5th Street, Little Rock, AR   72205.   On the inside it has the red plush chairs and blue carpet.   Classrooms are set up for students who go to school there.   They offer a variety of programs, for members and non-members, in the study of Torah, Tzedakah, and Tikum Olam.   The Jewish synagogues, at Agudath Achim, the Jewish people are inspired to identify with the Jewish religion, history, culture, their brethren in Israel, and the rest of the world.   Their goal is to be a leader in the community by working together with other Jewish institutions and the community to reach out and help those in need and to help provide a better life.  
Rabbi Kalman Winnick was very helpful and informative.   From questions I asked I discovered that most Jewish people are born into Judaism.   They do not choose the religion, it chooses...