Student Nurse to Qualified Nurse


This paper provides critical information aimed to help Nursing Students to have a better understanding of Reflection Nursing in the health care industry. As a nurse, individuals are exposed to several number of employment positions during the working life. The paper consists of two specific areas related to the industry. The success of a nursing career depends on gaining experience, skills and competencies to climb the ladder with different roles at higher and higher levels (Turner 2007, p.3).This essay focuses on Reflection Nursing, discussing the aspects of this practice, including the importance of it, even though it is a criticized area in the health industry itself. This paper will focus on the technicalities behind starting off a Nursing Career and also, discuss the blame culture and litigation in health care industry, all aspects of the industry that involves constant reflections, critical thinking and analysis.

In the nursing practice, reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyze and evaluate and so inform learning from practice (Bulman, 2004). Reflection is undoubtedly an important concept, which has succeeded in stimulating debate and investigation, and influencing nursing education around the world (Bulman, 2004). This process involves focusing on how the persons cooperate with their coworkers and with the setting to gain a clearer picture of their personal performance (Nursing Times, 2004). Reflective thinking highlights the intermingling of practitioner’s feelings and emotions, and acknowledges this interrelationship with actions as well as the importance of intellectual thinking thus providing a vehicle for legitimizing professional knowledge that develops from the realities of practice and challenges more traditional form of knowing (Bulman, 2004).

The process of reflection in nursing aims to develop skilled procedures that are associated with own beliefs and principles. Nursing...