Student Loans card debt on campus

Unprepared students have been increasingly targeted by card issuers, and some lawmakers are taking notice.

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[pic]By Jessica Dickler, staff writer
Last Updated: July 14, 2008: 4:49 PM EDT

Beating the student loan squeeze[pic]
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[pic]NEW YORK ( -- Been turned down for a credit card lately? Probably not if you're a teenager with no job and no credit history.

Even at a time when the sluggish economy is being blamed on lenders who gave home loans to people who couldn't afford them, college students remain a prime target for credit card issuers. Experts say college campuses are still flooded with credit card flyers and brochures, as issuers attempt to lure valuable first-time cardholders.

But regulators are hoping to do something about it. The House Financial Services Committee on Financial...