Credit Cards for College Students

Credit Cards and College Students

Many people rely on credit cards in their daily lives but let us take a moment to seriously
contemplate the fact that credit card companies should not be on campus marketing to college
students. Even though everyone should build up their credit, it is wrong to target college students due
to the high cost of living, high interest rates, and the high cost of tuition. College student have enough to
worry about without adding a credit card payment. Adding more to an already stressed way of life could
be detrimental to an already delicate person such as a college student with too many things to worry
Credit card companies should not be on college campuses marketing to college students, after all
these young students have enough to worry about without adding a credit card payment each month. This
this is a problem that appears to have gotten out of control. Banks are growing more aggressive in their
efforts to pitch credit cards to college students. Each New Year thousands of new college students’ start
their college careers eager to explore new life experiences. The average freshman receives eight credit

card offers within the first week. The latest sign was a study released by the U.S. Public Interest Research

Group shows that 76% of students say that credit cards have been marketed to them through tables set up

on or near college campuses (Chu, 4/4/2008).   Research conducted by USA TODAY some years ago

shows that despite nearly a dozen states' restrictions on credit card marketing on college campuses, banks

have become more aggressive about reaching students through phone calls, e-mail and off-campus

locations (Chu, 4/4/2008).

These banks have also been said to be trying to strike up deals with college alumni organizations

to get more students to apply for their credit cards. Banks have also increasingly forged credit card

partnerships with colleges. No national...