Strictly Ballroom, Do Experiences Limit or Enrichs Ones Choices?

`“An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich of limit their experience of belonging.”

Q) Discuss this statement in relation to at least 2 characters from the movie, ‘Strictly Ballroom.’

It is a fundamental human need to achieve a sense of belonging through interactions with other individuals and the world. It is through such interactions in with which our experience of belonging is limited and yet can also be enriched. In Baz Luhermans’ film, Strictly Ballroom these limitations and interactions are explored through a broad range of characters, influences and settings. The film shows two main worlds in which these characters and settings are apart of. One is the Dance Federation world and the other being its basic parallel, the world of Spanish culture.

The character of Scott Hastings lives in a world of fierce pressure and competition, where to win he must adhere to the rules of others, such as Barry Fife. It is a world in which individuality and creativity are surrendered in the desire to win. This world is the world of Dance Federation; we learn that it consists mainly of material wants and hierarchical power structures. Scott’s constant fear of disappointing his friends, mother and father has followed him throughout his life. His dancing partner Elizabeth says to Scott, ‘I'm not dancing with you, all right? I'm not dancing with you 'til you dance like you're supposed to!’ this interaction shows us that the people around Scott fear change, which in-turn influences Scott to fear it also. Scott’s interaction with the world is mainly through dance, he has been brought up to dance with ‘his feet’ and adhere to the acceptable rules and routines or the Dance Federation. This world has limited Scott’s experience and understanding of belonging, this world sees belonging as a need to fit into society, whereas belonging can also be seen as finding your identity through making your own rules and creating your own (life) routines....