"An Individual's Interaction with Others and the World Around Them Can Enrich or Limit Their Experience of Belonging." Strictly Ballroom and Caught in the Crowd

It is a fundamental human need to achieve a sense of belonging through interactions with other individuals and the world. It is through such interactions in with which our experience of belonging is limited and yet can also be enriched. An individual's perception of belonging can be impacted by internal and external forces. Internal belonging can be impacted by a person's cultural, historical and social context, each having a significant impact on a person's sense of belonging while externally; belonging can impact an individual’s relationships with the outer world. These connections impact a person’s connection with the outer world together with people, places, groups and communities.
These limitations and interactions are explored and deal with issues of cultural and personal belonging in Baz Luhrmann’s film Strictly Ballroom. Set in the world of competitive ballroom dancing, Scott Hastings is a prodigy who gives up being the best by the society's standards, and embarks on changing the community with his new moves that bring failure and ridicule upon him during the start of his journey with the help of Fran who wants to fit in with the community rather than stand out with the 'wrong' moves in the eyes of the society.
Luhrmann deliberately uses character construction to get the message of belonging and not belonging to a community across to the audience. Fran represents all those people that can't fit into a group, which she and most people value. The group rejects her as she doesn't rank up to that societies standards or image. The experience of a ballroom dancing competition acts as a catalyst which transitions her into conforming into the type of person that the majority of the community is ready to value them.
The fairy-tale genre is utilised to structure Strictly Ballroom's plot and characterisation. Common stories such as Cinderella and The Ugly Duckling are blended with other tales and characterisation elements; Strictly Ballroom is both a parody and an...