Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses

I believe there are several areas where I am have strengths and an other areas I can improve on.
The areas I am strong in are personality, integrity and dedication.   Other areas I may need to improve in
are in the areas of time management, and overwhelming myself.   There are many ways to improve on
These areas.  

I feel I have a very strong personality and that it is very easy of me to get along with others.  
I believe that in order to be successful in todays time are to be able to work well with others.   I am a
Great team player and others enjoy working around me.   I believe a pleasant work environment is
necessary in todays economy and work world.   Personality is a very important factor in the work
place and I believe I have what it takes to succeed.

Secondly, Integrity is a very important part of working in today.   You have to be able to hold
some sort of trust between you and co-workers.   People want to be able to trust others they are
working around.   I am a very trustworthy co-worker.   I also don’t have a problem correcting others when
they are involved in activities they shouldn’t be involved in.   This is important because you want people
to believe they can trust you.

Lastly, is the dedication and managing my skills as a worker.   I chose to put these together
Because they actually go hand and hand.   I believe you have to be able to manage your time in order to
Complete the work you are given.   These values in very important.

In, conclusion I believe that you need to be well rounded.   I believe you need to be dedication in whatever you are doing.