Evaluate Own Strengths and Weaknesses

As a teaching assistant it is important that I am actively involved in the planning stages. I need to know what the focus will be on for the term; this is done by having discussions with the class teacher and also with other teachers and assistants that are also doing the same topic with the same aged children. By doing this we can share ideas and suggestions. During this meeting we would discuss the curriculum and the department’s goals for the future, the desired outcomes and the range of activities and style that could be used to promote the learning outcomes. In an informal discussion between myself and the class teacher we would determine our roles throughout the activities, what teaching styles will be used to match the needs of the individual children or groups. Discussing the individual children and preparing to provide additional support ensuing all needs are met, any barriers that may become apparent during the lesson can be overcome without fuss. Having discussed the activities beforehand gives me the opportunity to explore the activity ensuring that I am confident in using the materials, to familiarise myself with new equipment, making sure that it is age appropriate and that it can be adapted and made simpler for the pupils that may need extra support and help. Having discussed what activities we would be doing in the classroom it is then my responsibility to prepare the classroom ready for the lesson, this would be done either before the children arrive or when the class teacher gathers the children on to the carpet area where she will discuss the activity with them, what it involves and what is expected of them.