Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness

Telecommunication industries is rising and becoming more of a demand on a
daily basis.   One of the top telecommunication companies is Sprint, which has extensive operations in the United States and three United States territories (Virgin Island, Guam, and Puerto Rico).   Sprint offers communication services (wireless, wireline) to businesses, government users and consumers.   The company engineers, builds, and implement technologies, which includes the first 4G (fourth generation) wireless service in the United States from a national carrier.   The company’s services also entail contract services and pre-paid services.   In 1990 Sprint offered basic phone lines and branched out in 2000 to walkie talkie services using an analog network.   On July 10, 2013, Sprint merged with Nextel, became Sprint Nextel, and being its directly owned subsidiary.   Sprint Nextel was changed to Sprint Communications, Inc.   Sprint is now a 4G LTE network and also one of the most fast network services.   Sprint caters to consumers’ needs by providing and producing enhanced products to communicate, such as, surfing the internet, talking, listening to music, watching television and having a face to face conversation from your phone and that is just to name a few.   Sprint not only offers services in the United States but also in some of the international countries.   Sprint not only provide services for cell phones but have advanced to home phone services, tablets, I pads, MIFI hotspots, and laptops.
As of 2014, Sprints customer base is 55 million and will continue to grow.   In order for Sprint to remain one of the top telecommunication companies in this fast growing industry is to try to provide affordable products and plans to the consumers.   Facing competitors, such as, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T is challenging.   One of the advantages that Sprint may have over its competitors is lower prices for its plans.   Sprints unlimited price plan is the cheapest compared to its competitors.   One of...