Stp Business

STP   Strategy

S : Segmentation Variables

Segmentation that we have considered is Demographic, Geographic, Psychographics, Benefits-sought and Behavior in the UK. For demographic in the UK, there are 61 million populations(UN 2008), most people are Christian. Life expectancy is 77 years old, man and 82 years old, woman. For geographic, there are 242,,638sq.miles) comprising of the island of Great Britain. The northeastern one-sixth of the island of Ireland and smaller of islands. It lines between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, Coming within 35 kilometers(22miles) of the Northwest coast of France. And London is the capital. For Psychographics, we designed packages to attract customers, because target group of customers prefer external appearance, attracting, low-priced and modern designed. For Benefits-Sought, the population in the UK are hustle life, our biscuits suit for breakfast, they can take it away anywhere as snacks. And finally, for Behavior, according to survey in the target group in the UK, 5-25-year-old are students that they have restricted earnings. They do many activities and like to eat full amount of snacks.

T : Target

We choose the target group according to appraising from market. The target group’s age are less than 25-year-old, they are students. Market growing in this target is incessant increase, seeing that the most customers have no income, They don’t meticulous to by goods. Approaching market is not different because these group like to try new products. For competitors in the market, there are many competitors, long ago located companies and new located companies. Nonetheless we will attempt to approach the target group in order to company successful.

P :   Positioning

We emphasis on products appearance to be entity. Choosing a lady bug to be a logo since it is a symbol of lucky and it is lovely, further more it is innovative in biscuit’s market that attract customers. Our prices of products is...