The aim of this assignment is to prepare a market plan for a new computer and robotic racing game called an “Anki Drive”.   This product is currently lunched by a robotics business called Anki.   The market plan is required by the business to find out the best way to launch and market the new product. Anki Drive is a new game called Battle, artificial intelligence (Al) and robotics. A player can hold the cars by hand and the track rolls out at his/her comfy area floor. This game only compatible with any apple device, it can work in iPods as twice mode as the phone.
1.0 Marketing analysis and strategy
1.1a PESTLE analysis
Businesses do not function in isolation. It could face difficulties from external factors which could affect an organisation’s policies, products, profit and people.   To be aware of any problems, ANKI business needs to evaluate external factors by carrying out a PESTEL Analysis. Macro environmental factors such as PESTEL analysis consist of external factors with much larger influences on an organization from the broader global society. It includes political, economic, social, technology, environmental and legal factors.  
  * An Anki Drive could be affected by political factors, for example, government rules and regulation including employment law, tax policies such as VAT and corporation tax, and trade restrictions.
  * Economic factors could affect an Anki Drive, this includes recession, interest rates, inflation, exchange rates and unemployment.

  * Social factors include demographic demand, fashion, taste, demographic factors such as aging population, and consumer behaviour toward a new product.

  * Technological factors could affect a new product such as Anki drive. These consist of the fast automation of manufacturer and advanced technology, launch a similar product by other business and increase online retailing.   However, the high technology of Anki drives especially when using IOS make it different from...