Stonebridge Assignment 1 Level 3

A level music – Effective   Essay writing.

Introduction – function is to establish the context, You should consider and mention some of the following information   depending on relevance.
    • Periods/eras for ( A2 mention early, middle, late)
    • Genre and style
    • Dates of composition/ A2 (related to composer’s output)
    • Instrumental resources
    • Where it would be performed and to whom.

NB – The Romantic and Modern periods were both ages of extremes with many vastly different styles, number of forces such as large scale pieces   to solo pieces, and places to perform (Concert hall, the home)

Example introductions for you to adapt.
1.   Although nearly four centuries separate the composition of the earliest and latest works in this question, there are remarkable similarities in approaches to both melody and texture.

2. This selection of works provides the basis for an interesting set of comparisons. Naturally the methods of these composers are bound to be radically opposed to each other as they come from different periods and backgrounds: Berlioz as a 19th – century Romantic, Cage as one of the most anti – traditional composers of the 20th century and the Rag as an example of Northern Indian chamber music.

3. Approaches to melody and harmony have evolved through the history of music, changing significantly between   ______________, ___________________ and ___________________(fill in work and date of composition)

4. Textures change from one period to another and even within the same period. Some factors which influence   a composer’s use of textures are the genre, the style of the period and the type of instruments which are used in the work.

5. A span of three and a half centuries separates the composition of these works, so it is not surprising to find considerable differences in approach to the use of textures. These differences are further magnified by the selection of forces for each work. However, it is surprising to also...