Steven Spilberg

Name: Steven Allan Spielberg
Born: December 18, 1946 in United States Cincinnati, Ohio
Was born into a Jewish family, to his parents Arnold and Leahanni Spielberg. The older brother to three younger sisters, Spielberg began experimenting with film in his early teens making movies he would show at his family house. Throughout his early teens, Spielberg made amateur 8 mm "adventure" films with his friends, and showed them to his family at his house.
After his parents divorced, he moved to Saratoga, California with his father. His three sisters and mother remained in Arizona. He attended Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona for three years; Spielberg graduated from Saratoga High School in 1965. He then applied to attend a film school at the University Of Southern California School Of Theatre. He studied film and television two spate times   and was successful both times. He then became a student at California State University, Long Beach. His actual career began when he returned to Universal Studios as an unpaid seven day a week intern and guest of the editing department. As an intern he made his first short film for theatrical release which was 26 minute long Amblin in 1968. Which was later took as the name of his production company Amblin Entertainment. Then he dropped out of Long Beach State in 1969to take up the television director contract at Universal Studios and began his career as a professional director. In the same year it was announced that Spielberg would direct his first full length film but because of the difficulty in casting the key male role the film not made.
Major Films
  * Jaws
  * Schindlers List
  * Jurassic Park
  * Saving Private Ryan
  * War Horse
  * Lincoln
  * War of the Worlds
  * Catch me if you can
  * The color purple
  * Avatar
  * Super 8
  * E.T
  * Les Miserable
  * Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull
  * Raiders of the lost ark
  * The adventures of Tintin