Steps in Medical Billing Process

Steps in the Medical Billing Process

Lisa Sizemore

HCR 220

June 10, 2010
Angie Colbert

Steps in the Medical Billing Process

There are ten basic steps in the medical billing process. Each step has certain things which must be done to correctly complete the entire process. These steps range from the pre registration of the patient to the collection of the payment. In this paper each step will be describe with a brief outline of what each step entails.
The first step is the pre registration of the patient. This involves scheduling the appointment and obtaining any insurance information. Finding out the reason for the visit so that the proper length of the appointment can be made and getting the personal information for the patient along with the insurance information.
Step number two is determining the financial responsibility for the visit. Finding out if the services are needed and if the patient is covered for the service is the first part of this step. Next would be explaining to the patient the facilities policy on financial matters.
Checking in the Patient is step number three. This is where the patient would fill out all the medical history form, financial forms, and personal information. Copies would be made of the medical insurance card and if co pays would be due before the visit they would be given then.
Step number four is the check out procedure. This takes place after the visit. The first thing is to record the medical codes for the visit. All procedures done in the office are coded correctly, dates are filled in, and the doctor makes sure that the diagnosis code is correct. The transaction codes are also entered, such as any payment made on that visit. Follow up visits are also scheduled at this time.
Review coding compliance is the next step. This means that all official regulations are followed for the coding of the medical procedures. After all the codes are selected they must be double checked to look for mistakes....