Medical Billing Process

The Medical Billing Process
By: Amanda Bone
September 19, 2010
John Varas

    In the medical billing process there are 10 steps that must be followed in order to get the work correct.   In this paper I plan to explain each process of medical billing.
    Step one of the medical billing progress is preregister the patients.   In this step there are two main tasks that are involved.   One being schedule and update appointments.   Second being collect preregistration demographic and insurance information.   This step must be done before the patient can be seen by the doctor or doctors.
    Step two of the medical billing process is establishing financial responsibility for the visit.   Step two is a very important step in the billing process as it determines who is responsible for the financial part of the visit.   With patient’s that do have insurance there are questions that a medical insurance specialist must get answers to.   First what services are coved under their plan? What medical conditions establish medical necessity for these services? What services are not covered?   What are the billing rules of the plan?   And what is the patient responsible for paying?   Knowing the answers to these questions helps the medical insurance specialist to do their job.
    Step three of the medical billing process is checking in the patient’s as patient of the practice.   For new patients detailed and complete demographic and medical information is collected at the front desk.   Returning patients are asked to review the information to make sure it is correct and change anything that needs to be changed in their file at that time.   Also copayments are collected at the time of checking in patients.
    Step four of the medical billing process is checking out of the patient’s.   The first task that is done at this step is to record all medical codes of the patient’s visit.   When a doctor examines or treats a patient they document their findings in the patient’s...