Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research
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Alicia Lanier                                                                                          
Philosophy 200
[ June 11, 2012 ]
Sundie   Goulding

Stem Cell Research has burst on the national political scene in the United States only within the last decade. The Stem Cells are very special types with the potential for developing into any one of the 200 or more different types of cells found in the human body: Skin cells, nerve cells, liver cells, blood cells, and h potential raises the heart cells, For example.   This potential raises   the possibility that stem   cells may be   used in bring about revolutionary changed in medicine, drug testing, and a number of other fields of research.

                    The   Ethical Dispute which is the Opponents of     research holds that human life that begins as soon as an egg is fertilized, and they considered a human begin. They   therefore consider any research on stem cells to be necessities the destruction of a human embryo to be morally abhorrent. Some   opponents of   hesc also argue that research on stem cells obtained from adults is just as promising and renders hesc   that   research is unnecessary most scientist, however,   dispute this claim,   citing great potential in the field of adult stem cells that several drawbacks as compared with hecs’s which they continue to advocate   funding for   both   sides   of the   conflict   of stem cell   research.
Stem   Cells   in   general have   the   remarkable potential to   developing into   many     different cells types in the   body   during   the   early   life and   growth, In   addition   in   many tissues   they   serve   as   a sort   of   internal   repair   system, dividing   essentially without the limit to replenish other cells as...