Stem Cell Research

Dear President Obama,

            The debate over embryonic stem cells is an ongoing dilemma. Some people are for the stem cell research, and others, unfortunately, are not. I am here writing to inform you that embryonic stem cell research is indeed okay. It is okay because it has the potential to treat or even cure spinal cord injuries and diabetes. Also it is way more important to heal a person than it is to save a ball of cells.

            First off, the article written by the University of Minnesota states, “Doctors will be able to treat those suffering from [spinal cord injury]”. This is important because if spinal cord injuries can be cured, then people with them could recover and return to a normal life and walk once more. If the number of people with spinal cord injury were able to return to normal, then the world would have more people to take jobs and do things for society.

            In addition, the article written by the University of Minnesota also says, “Doctors will be able to treat those suffering from [diabetes]”. If diabetes is cured then it will heal more than 220 million people. It will stop all of these people from enduring daily pain. If a person really wanted to make the world a better place they would want to start by curing painful diseases. And by using embryonic stem cells these terrible diseases could be stopped.

            Furthermore, in the PBS video, the woman said “Healing a person is much more important than a ball of cells that only has a miracle of a chance to become a baby.” She is entirely correct with this statement. A glob of cells that will end up getting thrown out anyway should at least be able to be researched. If someone is to think that is wrong, then they are severely messed up because it could save human lives.

            With these strong reasons it is almost stupid to not allow embryonic stem cell research. If we could cure diseases that inflict innocent people everyday we...