Steady Rain

A Steady Rain

      A Steady Rain is a live show took place in Pearson Hall 2140 room. It is directed by Christina Dursky which is also the ticket seller. And the original play is directed by Keith Huff. The play is describing a real-life event involving two Cops named Joey (Nick Neal) and Denny (Max Feinberg) who return a little kid to a serial killer who also be the kid’s uncle. Since the child’s uncle become two police’s new victim, their cherish friendship gets menaced when something becomes clearly that one of them have to be responsible for their excessive behavior to assess the circumstance correctly. The performance is really special because of changing scenes between two separate monologues and present-moment dialogue.

      In current society, some people are not willing to admit their mistakes and avoid the responsibility. They are likely to blame on others for making them feel good. Actually, the right way is to face their mistakes and deal with it. The problems would never disappear if people just keep escaping from the problems without solving it. Before I watch this drama, I think it is really cool and relaxed to be a policeman. However, after I watch this play, I changed my mind. Every police have to take a lot of burdens. Once they make mistakes, they will be judged and criticized by the whole society since people put a lot of expectations on them. Too much pressure will drive people crazy or worse they are going to end up their life. So, people nowadays should know how to solve problems accurately. Cherish their life since the world is not all full of fucked off. It is still beautiful if you think it in a pretty way. So, I feel so bad when Denny goes suicide because of too much guilty and angry that he took. And another reason for his death is his extreme personality. He is too sensitive which leads him finally to the edge of the cliff.

      The scenic design is simple but vivid. The whole setting consists of two chairs two...