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Social opinion of stay at home dads

Social opinion of stay at home dads
Being a parent is one of the most demanding and difficult jobs that a person can have. This task is mostly taken on by women; now there is a new wave of men across the county that is willing to take on this role.
Women have been the primary care taker for their children since the beginning of time. In the past decade; social-economical influences and pressures have caused a steady flow of women to enter the workforce, because of this, the entire family has to contribute more towards the care of children. I have read various articles and columns on the reverse roles of the family. As more women enter the workforce, more men are stepping into the role of being the primary care-taker of the children.
Over the past four years, stay at home dads have risen as much as 60 percent. According to the U.S. Census, there are an estimated 143,000 stay at home dads in the United States. The reasons that these men had for deciding to stay at home varied from wanting to be more involved in their child lives to their spouse income was high enough to cover the household expenses. No matter how grand the reason for these men to become stay at home dads their decisions did not go without criticism. With all the talk about this new trend I wanted to know what those around me thought about the subject.
I decided to conduct a small survey among some of my male peers and introduce the topic of stay at home dads. The goal of my survey would be to obtain my participants first perception of a stay at home dad and would they entertain the thought of becoming one. For the sake of my paper I interviewed four of my male peers as well as read three online surveys. I started the survey asking each person what they thought a stay at home dad was. Their answer was pretty much similar in that they all thought that a stay at home dad was a term used to describe a male parent who is the...