State Farm

I am writing this letter to complain about several aspects of the State Farm claims process and the lack of meaningful support and customer service provided by your company.

The issues and areas of concern are as follows:

Initial Accident Claims Process

My accident occurred on August 19, 2010, at approximately 5:35 PM in the City of Los Angeles (near the intersection of Ventura Boulevard & Stern Avenue).   I tried calling my local agent’s office however, his office had already closed for the day and I was directed to select an option for State Farm service.   After waiting on hold for approximately 30 minutes, I then had to describe my accident in detail spending another 30 - 45 minutes on the phone all the while asking for a tow truck and help in locating a rental car.   The State Farm employee was very polite and professional but I soon found out that even though I had Emergency Road Hazard coverage for my vehicle, all this meant was that I had to call for my own tow truck and submit a claim for reimbursement from State Farm at a later time.   (This was of no help to me at all.)   I knew I did not have rental car coverage on my policy however, the State Farm employee I was talking to advised me that she could not even help me locate a rental car and that she would have to transfer me to someone else after she completed interviewing me.   (This was also of no help to me as most rental car locations in the area where I was located had already closed or were in the process of closing and time was of the essence if I was to obtain rental car in time.)   After a considerable amount of time, I finally had to cut off the State Farm representative on the phone and I told her I need to secure a rental car as soon as possible.   The State Farm representative stated that she would transfer me to someone else that could help me and she advised that a claims adjuster would be contacting me at some point to discuss my accident further and to ask further questions.   (I was...