Staples Inc.
Danielle Fleek
Sullivan University

Executive summary
Staples as a company has been in the business long enough to know how to keep ahead of their competition and how to bring customers back time and time again. However from an employee standpoint there are several things that the company as a whole could greatly benefit from. Whether it be updating the operating system or finding a way to send back returns in a more organized fashion.
Brief description of the company
Staples was founded by Tom Stemberg, who was a former supermarket chain executive.   His first store opened on May1, 1986 in Boston, MA. Their current headquarters are located in Farmingham, MA. ("Staples company mission statement", n.d.) Over the years they have had many competitors large and small.   A few of which were/are Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy, as well as Wal-Mart (some might think although they don’t have the technical support the others have).
Staples, The Office Superstore is the world’s largest office supply company and is devoted to making customers shopping easier with a wide range of products, including supplies, technology, business services and office furniture. They serve businesses of any size and serve customers in 26 countries ("About us Staples online newsroom", 2011).   They depend on their associates as they are “responsible for the company’s success” ("About us Staples online newsroom", 2011).   In the United States and Canada alone they have 1,871 retail stores ("About us Staples online newsroom", 2011).  
Staples has much more than their retail store side that we all can see, they have a business-to-business site that is called Staples Advantage.   This serves businesses and organizations of 20 or more employees up to Fortune 1000 companies which offer products and services from office supplies, printing, technology, furniture, and more.   Staples also offer a website which is a leading e-commerce site, for every type of customer. They...