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Stage Setter Assessment Essay |
“The Pentagon’s New Map” |
MAJ Andres Garcia |
12/5/2012 |


    Thomas P.M. Barnett's thesis of “The Pentagon’s New Map” states that the world is divided into parts.   The first part is called the “Functioning Core, or Core.”(Barnett, 2003)   The second part of the world is called the “Non-Integrating Gap, or Gap.” (Barnett, 2003)   According to Barnett, nations where “…globalization is thick with network connectivity, financial transactions, liberal media flows, and collective security… featuring stable governments, rising standards of living, and more deaths by suicide than murder” (Barnett, 2003) are part of the Functioning Core.   Nations “…where globalization is thinning or just plain absent … plagued by politically repressive regimes, widespread poverty and disease, routine mass murder, and-most important-the chronic conflicts that incubate the next generation of global terrorists” (Barnett, 2003) are part of the Non-Integrating Gap.   The purpose of this division by Thomas Barnett is that the nations that are identified to be in the Gap are the locations that the United States should focus on to maintain the security of our nation.   According to Barnett, ignoring the nations that are considered to be part of the Gap will continue to flourish and support terrorist networks that will be a constant threat to the United States and our allies.   I believe there is merit to Barnett’s thesis about the world being divided by two types of nations.   In the past thirty years I have witnessed in the news the atrocities that terrorist organizations have committed in every country in the world.   I also don’t believe that the world can be divided so simplistically.   Even the United States has its own homegrown terrorists that have nothing to do with the Middle East or its Jihadists. There are militias in the U.S. that wish to overthrow the U.S. Government believing it is a tyrannical government.   In...