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The Clash of Civilizations

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Article review of The Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington

      The Clash of Civilizations is a known theory about the religious and cultural identities that people possess. In turn, this was thought to have an impact on the period after the Cold-War. Huntington came up with this theory, in the year 1992, while at the American Enterprise Institute. Later on, it was in the Foreign Affairs article after being developed, in the year 1993. The main thesis being presented by Huntington is that there is a constant conflict in the new world. However, the conflict will not be primarily economic or ideological. The sources of conflict and humankind division are cultural based. World affairs will be governed by the powerful sources known as nation states. In addition, different civilizations and nations will be the ones responsible for global politics conflicts. Therefore, civilizations will have fault lines that will act as battle lines in the near future.

      I agree with the arguments presented by Huntington because later on, he says that he is just giving his own opinion. He is not trying to advocate for conflicts between nations or the various civilizations. He is just providing a hypothesis of what he thinks might take place in the future. I believe that history will always develop as time progresses and this is according to the Clash of Civilizations. In the past, most struggles were between ideologies, nations and monarchs as witnessed in the international system. The conflicts used to take place in the western civilization and currently, other nations experience the conflicts in one way or the other. Fortunately, as the Cold War was culminating, there was a change in the status of world politics and Huntington was right.

      Huntington believes that civilizations will always clash and I agree with this point of view. One conflict that is quite prevalent in the modern...