Sports & Money.

Consider the importance of money in sports
There is a saying that money makes the world go round. This could not have been more true for the sports industry. Some of the most successful sporting franchises are backed by owners with seemingly unlimited financial resources. Their financial backing has been used to develop the sport and publicise it around the world, which results in a successful sport supported by fans worldwide. Therefore, it is easily said that money is crucial to sports, in several, if not all aspects of it.

A large amount of financial backing is needed to develop a sporting franchise and sustain its successful status. With a large financial resource, training facilities can be revamped and improved, changes made to the organisation and structure of the sport while expensive technology can be brought in to enhance the performance of the sportsmen or any machines involved. With such measures in place, the chances of the sporting franchise being successful are usually high. The Maclaren team from the F1 racing circuit is one such example. Due to their sustained achievement in the past, they have amassed a vast financial resource which they put to use in building a new, state of the art training facility to further improve the driver’s performance, The new training facility, based in England, boasts an entire race circuit within its compound, several wind tunnels to test-drive the aerodynamics aspects of the car and also world-class engineering facilities to further improve the car. With such a prestigious training compound, it is little wonder the Maclaren team experiences success in each race. They have also managed to produce ne of the brightest young talents in the F1 industry, in the form of Lewis Hamilton, who was a point away from becoming the first rookie driver to be crowned World Grand Prix Champion at the age of 11. Hamilton himself states that he owes his success to the professionalism of the crew, and also the high standard of...