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Assessment 2 – Part 1: Practical Coaching
The basic principles of coaching sport are important as a coach; they offer guidelines for coaches to follow on the various methods they need to employ to successfully train a multitude of participants. These principals are fundamental in the coaching of sport whether an athlete plays a team sport such as Rugby or an individual sport like tennis. The coaching process is used by instructors, the coaching process according to Brian Mac (2013)
“The coaching process comprises of three elements:
  * Planning - developing short and long term training programs to help your athlete achieve their goals
  * Conducting - delivery of training programs
  * Evaluating - evaluation of the programs, athlete development and your coaching. This element may result in adjustment of your athlete's training program and your coaching.”
There are 3 main styles to coaching; these styles are employed dependant on the participants. The Autocratic style of coaching is a commanding and controlling method. Athletes are given instructions and are expected to follow them in the manner described.  
“The Dictator or autocratic style coaching reduces decision making from the athlete; they listen, absorb and apply the instructions on the field. The coach dictates the players every move taking decision making and spontaneity away from the athlete.”
“Coaching Practice” (2013)
The Democratic style is a more relaxed, the coach would come up with an idea of an activity and the group would decide among them how they would like to carry out the activity. As within our democratic government, this coaching style can pose problems if participants do not agree on the...