Speech Into the Wild

What’s your definition of journey?
The journey can manifest in many different forms, the physical and the real, the imagined and the illusionary and the spiritual and the interior, so physical, inner and imaginative are all concepts of journey.
Have you ever sat down and thought how it would feel being stuck in the wild?
Sean Penn is an American actor screen writer, activist, politician and film director. In 2007 Sean Penn directed a film called into the wild. In the film in ‘to the wild’ begins not with the rebirth of its main character (Alex super tramp) or even with beginning of his journey. It started with the flash backs of his history and why he decided to go on a journey.
Chris mccandless aka Alex super tramp decides to leave his life behind and find decides to escape from society and his family and takes a journey to Alaska to find out who he really is. The related text “the road not taken” I chosen portrays the same story as into the wild ‘journey’. However, the thesis shown within the two stories illustrates two people going on a journey into the wild to find who they really are.
In the film Chris has always been told what to do and had no say he always had to try and be the prefect child his parents wanted him to be but he had enough of it so he sets his mind to go on adventure in the wild.   As   he   quotes “It is easy, when you are young, to believe that what you desire is no less than what you deserve, to assume that if you want something badly enough, it is your God-given right to have it.” This quote illustrates that Chris has made up his made to do what his always wanted go away and not tell anybody.   The quote highlights emotion because He was sick and tired of his parents always wanting the perfect child. In the scene when Chris leaves the city and his family behind not leaving any indication of   him going way it   shows a close up to show the emotion of the character. And a high view of Chris. Also in this scene it plays non diegetic sounds...