Sop on Thermal Sciences

SOP on Fluid and Thermal Sciences
With the aim of being part of some of the world's finest research concerning Fluid and Thermal Sciences, and armed with sound technical knowledge and a 'take no prisoners' attitude, I wish to apply for a Master's course at the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department of the XXX University.

My decision to pursue graduate studies roots from my personal experiences right through school. I was always drawn towards Science and doing well in relevant subjects motivated me to pursue an undergraduate engineering course. Growing up appreciating Newtonian Mechanics and marveling at engineering masterpieces like the Space Shuttle, Honda's Asimo and Volkswagen's W16 engine, I knew that Mechanical engineering was the right course for me. Apart from securing the 84th rank in the Engineering Common Entrance Test from roughly 300,000 candidates, I was awarded the State Government's Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship .

However, it wasn't until my junior year, when I was exposed to fields like Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Internal Combustion Engines, that I wanted to study these subjects in greater detail. Studying Fluid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics as part of my undergraduate curriculum made me realize that although the behavior of fluids has been studied for centuries, a thorough understanding of the same still eludes us. The fundamental three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations were developed in the 19th century, but a set of smooth and globally defined velocity vector and pressure field that satisfy the same are yet to be discovered. The chaotic nature of turbulent flows has led scientists to turn to numerical approaches to obtain approximate, yet satisfactorily accurate solutions to the same. Understanding these impediments has roused my curiosity and has served as my primary source of motivation for pursuing graduate studies.

Studying Internal Combustion Engines as part of my curriculum, I learned about the...