This poem uses the closed form curriculum for poems.   The style of poem is called a sonnet.   It ends with a rhyming couplet.  
The speaker uses many different aspects to enhance the meaning of this brilliant poem.   One element he uses is the implementation of enjambment.   With this in the poem it is much more free flowing than if it had end stopping.   The use of enjambment plays a key role in this poem’s meaning.   With the enjambment the poem flows much easier and feels much like a cycle that never stops.  
The way the poem is printed on the page illustrates a greater meaning to the poem.   It is set in a winding one stanza form which symbolizes the winding path everyone takes from year to year.   The poem starts and ends with an ellipsis and can be read over and over again as if it never stops.  
The elements of sound are intricately placed within the poem.   The poem produces a lot of easy sounding letters that pushes the reader through the poem with ease.   It can be inferred that the poem just flies by in time, just as another year passes through everyone’s lives so quickly.  
“Cycle Sonnet” uses a plethora of imagery to get its message across to the reader.  
The voice and tone of the poem is as if a father figure was talking to the reader.   The speaker gives his insight on how time passes by so quickly and Christmas morning arrives so soon.