Hope Sonnet

What is HOPE…

Hope is an ever glowing light which keeps shadows away
It is to stay positive when going gets tough
Hope is calm cool breeze on a hot summer day
It is to keep seeking more when others think you had enough

Hope is dreaming of a better tomorrow
Hope is the sparkles when tears are in ever watching eyes
It is that feeling that is hidden under sorrow
Hope is a beautiful thing and beautiful things never die

Hope is as light as a feather
It is everywhere
Hope keeps all of us together
Yet, it is scarcely there

It’s ever-present and is never tossed
Hope is the last thing we ever lost.

Chris Jenne
Sonnet Paragraph

My sonnet is in the Shakespearean form of sonnet writing. It uses the ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme and it talks about hope.   My sonnet is also structured with three, four line stanzas. Also, it includes a final couplet. Shakespeare wrote in his sonnets how the world around us was always changing but there was always one thing that may stay consistent whether it is love or faith. In my sonnet I talk about how that one thing that is consistent till the end is hope of a better tomorrow.   The literary device that I chose to use was the use if a paradoxical situation. What was a paradox in my sonnet was that the whole time it was talking about how hope will always be there no matter what but even in death hope leaves you along with everything else. This shows paradox because the last two lines of the sonnet contradict the entire top portion of the sonnet.