Software Apps and Information Systems

Software Applications and Information Systems

Warren Jackson II


October 13, 2010
Dr. Boyd

Software Applications and Information Systems

Inside the departments of a business there are many tools which assist in making a company flow smoothly.   There are various items such as the telephone or computers with their multiple applications and programs which serve such a purpose.   In the following paragraphs we will examine different software applications and information systems for departments of a local hospital.   The focus will surround the human resources, telecommunications, and management department in these examples.
      In the human resources department a software application known as Intellidesk SDC is used throughout the entire hospital.   This software has all the employee names alphabetized including what department they work in, and contact information at the hospital.   Intellidesk also keeps record of every on-call employee for staff including entry and departure times.
      In the telecommunications department a mainframe machine is used to hold all data.   These are backed up by a phone system called Siemens.   The mainframe machines serve as the brain for all the hospital’s information (Alicia Arocho, personal communication, October 14, 2010).   This machine helps save a lot of time for employees with a need to search present or past records of patients.
      The management department uses a lot of different software to complete their task, but only two main ones.   Microsoft Outlook and a program called GroupWise are used to construct e-mails and other business messages.
      There are numerous programs and systems used throughout the hospital in order to conduct their business properly.   The previously mentioned departments all rely heavily upon these tools for their day to day affairs.   Without them being accessible each area would be in a state of confusion and disarray.