Chinenye Agbugba
Socialisation is the process of learning convinces behaviour and cultural belief. There are different stages or process of socialisation that we all go through in our lives starting from when we are born. Sociologists claim that theses process determine an individual’s behaviour. This essay will begin with the definition and significance of socialization. It will then go ahead to explain the stages of socialisation, it will discuss the experience of feral children and finally. This essay will focus mainly on sociological theories of gender socialisation and it will finally look into re-socialisation.
It is importance for the wellbeing of society in the view of norms, statuses, values and roles that culture should be learned by every individual in the society. The process by which people acquire the knowledge, social skills, language and values to conform to norms, is known as socialisation. We humans are born with cry and smile but we are not born with laughter, walking, culture, empathy, language, play and dance rather we acquire this knowledge and skills from our society. There are two different important process of socialisation and it starts with primary socialisation.
Primary socialisation is the socialisation in our early age or childhood (0-5yrs). This process of socialisation takes place once a child is born. A child uses this stage as a learning experience. The child begins to explore his/her environment learning cultural concepts of identity, norms of behaviour and social role. The child relies on the parents and caregiver by responding to the external stimuli from the caregiver and parents. This is an important stage for child/parents/caregiver socialisation and attachment also takes place in this stage. As the child grows, around the age of two, the child begins to develop rudimentary primary skill and behaviour. He/she starts to do what the parents and siblings are doing by copying them and learning other social skills. Children...