Social Wlefare

Social Wlefare


                    HEALTH AND WELL-BEING”.

Using examples from Block 3, discuss this statement in relation to both the negative and positive impact that neighbourhoods can have for people who live there.


Sabina Rajnar                                                                 B4964544

…to experience health and well-being, three things need to be in place: physical capability, including vitality and energy; mental health, essentially described as having meaning and purpose in life; and a social context of connection to others to enjoy good social relationships, connection to community and a sense of purpose to feel some control over life, and both energy and a sense of purpose to be able to live enjoyable lives. (Hashagen, 2003, quoted in K101, Unit 9, and p.12).

This is how dimensions (social, mental and physical) of health and well-being are interpreted as a broad view of health by health academic R.Labonte (NHS Health Scotland, 2003, p.7, Figure 1 quoted for K101, 2010, p.13).   In this assignment I would like to show and describe what are neighbourhoods, positive, as well as negative aspects living in a poor/rich neighbourhood and how can that affect people’s health and well-being. To illustrate positive and negative points in neighbourhood, I will use the Thornhill plus You Project (K101, DVD, Unit 9, video 9.3), residents of Thornhill (K101, DVD, Unit 10, video 10.1-10.4), Community access project for isolated and excluded people (K101, DVD, Unit 10, Activity 11, video 10.1) and Thornhill family support-Mina (K101, Unit 10, Activity 5) as an examples as well as Community access project; outreach and advocacy (K101, DVD, Unit 10, Audio 10.1).

Let me begin with saying how would we explain what is the neighbourhood; kind of community with defined boundaries; it is a place where most aspects of daily life and care are experienced...
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