Social Relationships, Regarding Felicks Skrzynecki and St Patrick's College

Social relationships, particularly those of family, play a vital role in the development of an individual’s sense of belonging in the world” discuss
Social relationships particularly with family provide an incentive for most individuals to achieve the best in life. The poems Felicks Skrzynecki and St. Patrick’s college both explore the failure of meeting expectations which create a failure within their own mind causing a loss of identity. Similarly the poem Kindness by Sylvia Plath conveys the idea of an individual who cannot belong but ultimately finds a sense of belonging in the world through family.
In order to belong socially, two or more individuals would have to come to a true understanding of one another, otherwise contradictory ideas would create a rift causing the relationship to break apart. For example in the poem Felick’s Skrzynecki, the composer creates a deep affection for the father-son relationship as shown in the opening of the poem “my gentle father”. The use of the personal pronoun “my” is highly significant because it indicates that he feels a deep personal attachment to his father, as is the adjective “gentle” also shows that the speaker doesn’t fear his father’s authority but rather respects him. Yet the speaker “inherits a language unknowingly”, where he has no say about his cultural heritage. The father expects the speaker to accept the heritage and embrace it. But in the poem Postcard, the speaker asks the question “What more do you want besides the gift of despair?” This suggests a sense of loss and alienation. He can’t offer anything because he ‘gave’ the Polish heritage all of his feelings. The problem is, all these feelings were negative connotations in the first place, where these negative connotations are found throughout the series of poems by Peter Skrzynecki. The composer called it a “gift” of despair, gift meaning it was given to him. As human beings we are all obligated to accept things from others, whether we want it or not....