Belonging, Rpf and Immigrant Chronicle

Compare how different composers have presented the concept of belonging in the texts you have studied this year.
Different composers use a range of language and stylistic techniques of their own to convey their varying perceptions of belonging. Belonging is the feeling of being necessary part of something bigger than yourself, that your absence will be noted.{ A feeling of belonging gives a person an identity, and strength to withstand the vicissitudes of life. }Belonging is an important theme in the selected poems of immigrant chronicle by Peter Skrzynecki and Philip Noyce’s film rabbit proof fence and the related text a song called “My Island Home” written by Neil Murray. These texts show how belonging shapes from poeple, places and the events that has happened by the representation of different composers using variety of film, poetic techniques and language features.

In the poem   ‘Felix Skrzynecki’ the poet illustrates the difficulties of his father’s assimilation into the Australian culture, and the ease of young son’s using a deeply personal tone and autobiographical style to communicate the poet’s ideas about belonging . He is described at the beginning of the poem as loving “his garden like an only child”, sweeping “its path/ Ten times around the world”. The simile and hyperbola evoke a sense of his dedication to his garden and his paternal feelings towards it, connecting to this place like a father connects to an only child. The poet also showed that his sense of belonging comes from his close connection to his Polish friends who “reminisced / about farms where paddocks flowered/ [..] Horses they bred [..].” the accumulation of positive verbs convey a sense of their nostalgia and shared pride in their cultural heritage; a heritage that connects them together and fosters a sense of belonging. On the other hand peter (the poet himself) in Felicks skrzynecki belongs to a different context of time and place. The exclusive pronoun ‘they’ highlights his...