Social Networking

Social Networking

In this day and age, you can't seem to go out without hearing about 'status

updates' or 'friend requests', the times of having a friendly chat with your children

without technology interfering seem to be gone. Growing up as a teenager, most

parents hearing the words Facebook, probably would interpret it as putting your

face in a book and reading it, Twitter, a sound a bird might make and MySpace

meant your personal space. Yet, in today’s teenage society those words

represent social networking. Social networking opens up the opportunity to talk to

family and friends thousands of miles apart, express creativity and opinions,

keeps users up-to-date and aware of local events and news all for free. However,

parents are beginning to question whether the negative effects of social

networking outway the benefits.

So many parents don't understand the potential dangers of letting children go on

social networking sites, one reason is that they become vulnerable to misusers of

the site like pedophiles and hackers. The safety features built in and report

buttons can lead you into thinking your child is protected, but don't be so sure,

online predators are often experienced with the internet and can able capture

your child in a disguised trap. Don't leave it down to the site to look after personal

information. By simply adding your address to a social networking site, it leaves

your home open to thieves. Although the best thing for your child would probably

not to let them on these sites altogether, the reality is one way or another, they

are going to use a form of social media either now or when they are older. As

your child grows up, it's down to the parents-that's you- to do the best you can to

protect them. You never know who is viewing information online so stress the

importance to take precaution. Online predators and pedophiles can contact

anyone and by not...